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What People Are Saying

I have known Dr. Starr for over a decade and he has always been an amazing clinician with a preternatual ability to see into a person’s psychiatric problem. His newer efforts in EEG neurofeedback are truly groundbreaking. If you’re not having success with standard psychiatric medications, Dr. Starr may be able to help.

Shelly S., United States

Dr.Starr has improved the life of my child and, by default, the lives of every individual in my family. If there is any question in whether of not to obtain his services, let his practice speak for itself. The man is warm, caring, and most of all diagnostically intuitive. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Nicholas W., United States

Dr. Starr uses his great intelligence and compassion to care for patients in a pleasant setting and – he tries to stay away from pharmaceuticals. his cutting edge technology is the best I have ever known of and he actually analyzes the brain wave to understand and diagnose the patient. He understands emotional trauma is one of the most competent and caring physicians in our country. I would travel anywhere to utilize his services. Thank you Dr. Starr for always being there.

Vanessa M., United States

I have had pleasure of working with Dr. Starr for over 2 years. His kindness and compassion are remarkable, and his willingness to work with patients, often at no charge until their problems are resolved speaks to his professional integrity. His expertise at EEG-Neurofeedback has changed many lives for the better.

Thomas R., United States

Dr. Starr is an excellent psychiatrist who is on the cutting edge in learning and employing new methods to deal with hard to treat problems. I have been treated by him and have recommended patients to him in the past and will continue to do so.

Carrie E., United States

I worked on my brain, learned to kiteboard and had the time of my life. Thank you Dr. Starr.

Jenny L., United States

I feel a big difference after the Neurofeedback sessions with you. It made me open up to new possibilities and feel much more stable emotionally. So I feel the benefits of it, and am so enthusiastic about it!

Jonny H. Manitoba, Canada

Things have changed after coming back from the retreat. I really have to make a change to a different kind of lifestyle and your sessions helped me with that!

Tessy D., Netherlands