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Duration: 21 days
Location: Uvita, Costa Rica
Price: $21108

Nurture Your Body & Mind with Luxurious First Class Treatment.

Indulge in 3 Lavish Weeks of Personal Transformation

Take a pause to permanently improve the quality of your life. If you have been feeling burdened with the stress of being overworked, it is time to take your brain to paradise. You may be able to leave your work behind, or you can take it with you- but in either case you will learn how to better manage your workload so that you are able to lead a more peaceful and balanced life once you return home.

When the brain is trained with neurofeedback, clients may notice increased mental clarity and focus, dropping away of fears, more appropriate responses to situations,  increased motivation and ability to accomplish tasks, and generally a feeling of greater ease in moving through everyday life. Neurofeedback sessions in a focused, exclusive location, in combination with a systematically designed wellness program will give you the time and tools you need to release your worries and move into the next phase of your life in a completely refreshed state of mind.


This Package Includes:

All Airport Transfers from San Jose International Airport

Personalized Gourmet Meal Preparation

A customized meal plan to optimize your health and program success

Ultimate Beachside Accommodations

Full Neuro-evaluation conducted by Dr. Freddy Starr

5 Individual Sessions with Dr. Starr

4 QEEG Brainscans for baseline and progress

20 Neurofeedback Sessions with LORETA NFB in our Oceanside office

24 Hour Personal Concierge to assist with whatever you require

Spa treatments to enhance the detoxification & revitalization of your body

Massage Sessions to soothe & restore you

Personal Health Assessment

Wellness Coaching Sessions in preparation for your vacation and to keep you motivated to continue with healthy changes once you return home

Daily Meditation

Daily Yoga Classes

Full Fitness Evaluation & Personal Training Sessions

Full Membership at the Gym & Wellness Center

7 Day Learn To Surf or SUP Package

Unlimited Surf Board/ SUP Rental


*Accommodation and prices are based on availability.

Please remember that The Executive Spa package is not for individuals with substance abuse disorders. Please see Rejuvenation Package for assistance with planning your safe, comfortable detoxification and first steps to long term recovery.