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Neurofeedback at home is easy and affordable. You do not have to go anywhere!

We send a 19-Channel EEG amplifier and train brainwaves using  Z-Score Region of Interest Amplitude Training.

We send you all of the equipment needed and run each session remotely. No computer ability is needed.

Why is Neurofeedback at home faster and better than other techniques?

1) Neurofeedback at home dispels the therapist’s charisma. One of the most distasteful ways in which “healers” “help” people is through a process one of my early mentors would call “The Crooked Cure.” This is the cure that comes not from a real process of change, but from the therapist or doctor’s persona. The individual makes the person feel better by their presence.  As long as the person or their representation in the patients mind is present, the cure is effective. With Neurofeedback the changes occur within the brain. It is you healing your brain.

2) The home becomes “the holding environment” instead of the office. Clients get accustomed to the office and this is where they calm themselves and process material. The home becomes the trigger instead of a therapist’s chair and countenance.

3) Neurofeedback feels good, it is soothing. Home training creates a comforting environment in the home. This is a better place to learn internal self-regulation. You can achieve state dependent learning in the place you spend most of your time. This is so obvious!

4) Get to appointments without the stress. No worries about scheduling around your other responsibilities. You train at your convenience on your time. It is easy.

5) Virtually no missed appointments. Since you are home, and you have the Neurofeedback equipment; it is easy to get to all of your appointments.

6) Home Brain Training is more affordable. The cost of travel, time and effort are eliminated. There is greater savings and less environmental impact.

7) Actual training time is longer. Most appointments in a Neurofeedback office are scheduled for sixty minutes. After settling in and getting sensors on the head, the time for training is about 30-40 minutes. With home training, you are ready to start at the appointment time and training lasts a full 60 minutes. Go here for pricing.

8) Home brain training is not an open-ended treatment. There is clearly a beginning and end. Once the training is done, you go on making adaptive changes in your life, making new pathways toward health.

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