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Duration: 30 days
Location: North Coast. Dominican Republic
Price: $29540

Individualized Mental Health Treatment.

Our most intensive treatment will enable you to get off your psych meds, and lose your psychiatric diagnosis for good.

Take a pause to permanently improve the quality of your life. What if you could permanently alter your brain functioning so that you no longer carried the cumbersome struggle of mental health issues? Rather than continuing to cope with your symptoms, undertake behavioural therapies that may completely eliminate them.

When the brain is trained with neurofeedback, clients may notice increased mental clarity and focus, dropping away of fears, more appropriate responses to situations,  increased motivation and ability to accomplish tasks, and generally a feeling of greater ease in moving through everyday life. Neurofeedback sessions in a focused, exclusive location, in combination with a systematically designed wellness program will give you the time and tools you need to release your mental health issues and move into the next phase of your life in a completely refreshed state of mind.

This Package Includes:

All Airport Transfers from Puerto Plata International Airport

Personalized Health Assessment & Follow up Sessions

Gourmet nourishing meals prepared in conjunction with a personalized meal plan.

Deluxe Ocean Side Accommodations at Millennium Resort & Spa *

Full Neuro-evaluation conducted by Dr. Freddy Starr

6 Individual EMDR/ NLP Sessions with Dr. Starr

Traditional Therapy Meetings

8 QEEG Brain scans for baseline and progress

30 Neurofeedback Sessions with LORETA NFB in our Oceanside office

Daily Meditations

4 Telehealth Appointments to ensure ongoing success upon returning home

Kiteboarding Lesson Package with Professional Kiteboarder & world renowned instructor Kelvin Corniel

3 Day Learn To Surf/ SUP Package at Pauhauna Surf School

Luxurious Andari Spa treatments to further aid in your detoxification, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Restorative Massage Sessions

Full Membership to Millennium Gym & Wellness Center

Daily Yoga Sessions and Fitness Classes

10 Personal Training Sessions & Full Fitness Evaluation

Wellness Coaching and full personalized Success Plan

24 Hour Personal Concierge to meet your every need


*Accommodation subject to pricing and availability


This package is specifically for individuals who want to overcome mental illness. It is a program designed to safely and effectively eliminate the need for prescription medication.  Clients following this protocol will work on reducing traumatic memories, lose weight, and becoming healthy.