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The Technique

Replace missing nutrients

Provide the cells with the building blocks they need to be strong and function optimally.

Restore natural balance

Employ holistic methods to enable the healthy functioning of all body systems.

Repair defective systems

Utilize various cognitive therapies to change the way the brain and therefore mind function.

The Process

As with every process, obtaining background information on the problem is the first step. Before you begin your Neurofeedback sessions, you will receive a battery of testing.

Functional testing is done online, and allows me to determine your individual strengths and weaknesses in how your brain processes information.

You will also complete a specially designed brain based questionnaire that helps me determine the most likely location to focus your Neurofeedback sessions. Instead of a typical mental health test that is designed to give you a diagnostic label that is not based on any real neuroscience, our intake focuses on linking symptoms and brain systems.

By using Quantitative Electroencephalogram, and combining the information above with a thorough face to face interview, it is possible to localize the areas of strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s brain. After figuring out where a client’s brain is working less efficiently, it is possible to assist the brain using Neurofeedback.

Some individuals can achieve results with Neurofeedback alone. When the nutrient support system for the brain (AKA: the rest of the body) is given proper fuel in the form of fresh fruits and veggies, micronutrients like B12, and folate, and environmental toxins and stressors are eliminated, then a miraculous thing happens. The brain heals and changes quicker.

By correctly diagnosing the problem, giving well balanced nutrients, old fashioned rest and relaxation, with a healthy dose of fun and adventure, along with properly tailored brain training, you can make a major change in your life.

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Never dip lower than you can dip. Did you feel that? Look at me - I'm not out of breath anymore! Listen to the silence. And when the silence is deafening, you're in the center of your own universe. You dip it in the horse radish, let it pee it off, dip it in the salsa sauce, one drip and thats it.

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Listen to the silence. And when the silence is deafening, you're in the center of your own universe.